Teamwork in Action

It takes quite a few people to put one of these photo shoots together.

We want to give a big Thank you to Mark Shepis for the use of his shop, Leslie James for the photography work, Chad Coons for editing the photos, and most of all our officers from the local Paris Police Department and Lamar County Sheriff’s Department who served as our photography subjects. We especially want to thank Hunter Sanders, Dustin Calhoun, and Jeff Padier for letting us snap photos of them in their Tactical gear (since it was already a hot summer day). We wouldn’t have been able to pull this off without help so we want to give an extra big Thank You! to Jeff Padier for coordinating the photo shoot.  Thanks to everyone participating I have been able to create show banners, backer packaging cards, brochures, and social media posts from these efforts. Everyone did a great job making this all come together! ~ Wes Adamson, CEO of Stik N Shoot Magnetic Lighting Systems


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