Forever a Stik N Shoot fan!

Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin“I love my Stik n Shoot. I have hunted with it in 5 states and two countries. I was skeptical at first, thinking that the first good limb was going to knock it off of my barrel, but that magnet is so strong that you will hit the ground before the light does. […]

Winning Hog hunts with Stik N Shoot

Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin“We hunted and won the Quitman FFA alumni hog hunt this year and used the STIK N SHOOT lighting system while hunting at night. The brightness of the green light is amazing. When attached to the gun it really enhances vision in your scope and makes your target highly visible. You won’t have […]

Beavers beware!

Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin“I’m Callie White, and my husband Dustin, and I were walking along the railroad tracks hog hunting. We came across a bridge that was an old train trestle. As we approached the trestle, we had to walk slowly to step across the tracks without falling in the creek beneath us. While walking across the bottomless […]

Judy Rhodes, Diva’s International

Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinJudy Rhodes of DIVAs International recommends the Stik-n-Shoot heartily:  “Have you ever wanted to shoot a hog in the dark? Now you can! Stik-n-Shoot made this possible for me! I shot a 40lb hog at 229 yards square behind the ear using my Stik-n-Shoot.  It was midnight and my guide did not think […]

Why Stik-N-Shoot?