Blast from the past


Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinHere’s a look back to a commercial that our friends from Backyard Outdoors shot for us. Stik N Shoot has come a long way since then! If you haven’t bought a Stik N Shoot since 2014, it’s time to upgrade! Same great product, only better!!! Visit our website and see for yourself!

Get Ready for the Big Hog Hunt!

Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinHelping the Paris Police Officer’s Association ⇒ Fall weather ⇒ Chance to win AWESOME prizes … I could keep listing reasons why you need to take part in this year’s Paris Police Officer’s Big Hog Hunt. You just need to tell yourself this is a really good reason to get out there and take care […]

Amazing System!

Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin“I love this light! It’s not just a hunting light… you can use it for anything! It is super bright and the magnetic system is amazing!!! I love that it does not scratch my guns when I change what I want it on! Love it!!!” Cathleen Padier (via, Stik N Shoot’s Facebook page)

A Game Changer!

Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin“This magnetic lighting system is with me on every hunt. I’ve done several night hunts and have competed in many night hunting competitions with this very product. I have been within 20 yards of a group of hogs running my stik n shoot and had plenty of time to pick my target and […]

Great Product!

Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin“I hunt big game animals all over the world but there’s one animal that I really love to hunt:  wild boar.  They love to come out after dark and that’s where my Stik-n-Shoot comes into play.  The cool magnets let me stick it on any gun and with the bow adapter, my bow, […]

Why Stik-N-Shoot?