Helping Farmers with Stik N Shoot

Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin“I have night hunted in the past, mainly for alligators and hogs. On a recent trip to South Africa we were hunting on a damage control permit for a large agricultural farm and producer of pepper, melons, tomatoes and oranges. Legal species to take at night included the bushpig, bushbuck, duiker and porcupine. […]

Best light system

Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin“The Stik-N-Shoot is hands down the best light system I have ever used, whether it is for hunting or home defense! Being able to slap it on my gun, bow, or pistol in a second is exactly why I always carry one in my hunting pack as well as in my home.” Mark Nuttman, […]

Why Stik-N-Shoot?