Mark Nuttman

Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinMark Nuttman knows a thing or two about the outdoors:  he was an agricultural major at Cal Poly.  An avid outdoorsman, he has brought down everything from bobcats to coyotes out in the California hills.  He says of his Stik-n-Shoot: “The SNS is one bad-ass system!  I got this cat on Sunday night […]

Judy Rhodes, Diva’s International

Share this post!FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinJudy Rhodes of DIVAs International recommends the Stik-n-Shoot heartily:  “Have you ever wanted to shoot a hog in the dark? Now you can! Stik-n-Shoot made this possible for me! I shot a 40lb hog at 229 yards square behind the ear using my Stik-n-Shoot.  It was midnight and my guide did not think […]

Why Stik-N-Shoot?